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Re: dpkg fails on low-memory-hardware

Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> wrote:

> How do you know that they are not using swap ?

When I tried to upgrade (btw the currently installed Debian is Sarge
not Etch, sorry), I could see in top how memory consumption of apt-get
or aptitude and dpkg increased but swap wasn't used.

> I don't know of any reason why dpkg/apt-get would not use swap.

ACK. Today I did another test. I reduced the amount of RAM to 8 MB and
installed some programs with aptitude and apt-get. The laptop became
terribly slow and was heavily swapping but everything was running fine.

So, I will try to upgrade to Lenny in the next days and will tell you,
if it worked or not. Perhaps it was only a temporary problem with swap.

Thanks for your help,

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