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Conf files and static files in a deb package


I'm using dh_help to build a package template and trying to follow the debian packaging guide for creating a binary package.

How do I tell debuild which file is a conf file and should go for example to /etc/mypkg.conf ?
I've tried to put it under mypkg-0.1/etc/mypkg/fname.conf but debuild ignores it.
The debian guide says all files under etc/ are treated automatically as conf files but it doesn't work for me (http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guid...ml#s-conffiles).
I've tried putting the conf file under mypkg-1.0/etc/mypkg.conf and under mypkg-1.0/debain/etc/mypkg.conf but it is not included. I also tried to list the file in conffiles but I'm getting an error that it can't be found when building the package.

I also don't understand how to include static files in the package.
Do I have to use the install file to list all the files and folders?
I thought that putting everything with the full path under the mypkgs-0.1 folder should work like it does when using dpkg manually.


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