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Re: Transferring conffiles between packages (Re: Bug#564254: conflicting /etc/bash_completion)

tags 564254 - unreproducible
reassign 564254 bash-completion 1:1.1-3
found 564254 bash-completion/1:1.2-2
[resetting cc list]

Guillem Jover wrote:

> My guess would be that bash got upgraded to the package w/o the
> obsolete conffile before the fixed dpkg on those systems.
> A proof of that I guess, might be checking if the file has the obsolete
> flag, if it does not then it was installed by a buggy dpkg.
>   $ dpkg-query -W -f '${Conffiles}\n' bash | grep bash_completion
> And an unversioned Replaces in bash-completion would be the correct way
> to handle that. Fixing that in bash would imply removing the file on
> upgrade, removing it on remove or purge would not really happen (bash
> is Essential). And as such it would need to check if bash-completion is
> installed, to not remove a file it does not own, or check if it has the
> conffile listed in the Conffile field w/o the obsolete flag? etc, which
> seems overcomplex and just wrong, compared with just a Replaces field.

Thanks, Guillem.  Reassigning to bash-completion.

David et al, this bug is a request for unversioned Replaces: by
bash-completion on bash.  But feel free to do what you want with it;
it's yours now. :)


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