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Add primitive prefix filter support


We propose to add this feature to dpkg:

Current alternatives:

1) DPkg::Post-Invoke { "if [ -x /usr/bin/debsums ]; then /usr/bin/debsums
--generate=nocheck -sp /var/cache/apt/archives; fi"; find
/usr/share/doc/packagename -type f -delete} (just an example)
(I still have to figure out which package got installed, and for that I
need to use the "version 2 protocol" between apt and dpkg that man apt.conf
writes about.)

The problem with the following Post-Invoke hook:
The files are first written to disk and only then removed.  It is better to avoid writing them to disk at all.

2) Split packages: It depends on the packager(s) and as a user I would like to filter the installation in some way.

Dpkg is missing filter support in general.

(About the patch: A slight optimization could be achieved by pre-calculating
the prefix length, but does not really matter. It's by no means a bottleneck of
any kind anyway.)

I think it does not hurt those people who would not like to use this option, but it is a benefit for those ones,
who are involved in the embedded market using dpkg on their devices (like Nokia phones) or those in general, who would like to have a filter support.

Thank you in advance!

Best Regards,
Laszlo Papp

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