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Re: Names of Fields in Control Files

On Sat, 25 Sep 2010, Jonathan Yu wrote:
> 22:02:40 < rra> jawnsy: I don't think we say that explicitly, but RFC
> 5322 requires it and I can't imagine ever not enforcing that.
> Although you should check with the dpkg maintainers to be sure.
> Could we/should we make the Debian Policy more restrictive, and
> specify explicitly that field names must only be ASCII-encoded?
> Your comments and feedback on this would be much appreciated.

I think this discussion is theoretical and useless. I hope nobody will
suggest a field name containing non-ascii characters...

I don't think dpkg does any special decoding when reading data. dpkg deals
with "bytes" and not characters AFAIK.

I'm certainly OK with policy requiring field names to be ASCII.

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