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Re: Bug#508764: perl: Lots of locale warnings during upgrade

On Wed, 22 Sep 2010, Niko Tyni wrote:
> > Cc'ing the dpkg maintainers. What do you think about making dpkg set
> > PERL_BADLANG=0 when running maintainer scripts? I think that's the only
> > place where it could be done.

I have not replied to this but it did not please me at all. dpkg is not
the proper place for such hacks.

> Alternatively, I suppose I could patch perl to also quelch the warnings
> when DPKG_RUNNING_VERSION is set (or should it rather be one of the
> DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_* variables ?).

DPKG_RUNNING_VERSION is best, it will only be set by dpkg, the others
might be set by dpkg-reconfigure too when it calls the postinst manually
and dpkg-reconfigure is called outside of upgrades obviously and you might
want to see the warning.

> This seems somewhat cleaner to me, but opinions would be welcome.


> FWIW, I see mandb outputs similar warnings so the issue isn't limited
> to just perl.

The release notes might document to upgrade locales at the start of the
upgrade anyway.

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