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dpkg armhf patch acceptance status?

Hi all,

  I really would like to know the stance of the dpkg maintainers regarding the 
armhf dpkg patch. I have a ton of armhf patches that I'm waiting to file as 
bug reports, but without the dpkg patch, those patches would be useless, so 
I'm holding back, but that in the meantime increases the workload as newer 
packages appear all the time and I have to forward port the armhf patches all 
the time. Plus, the whole port is unusable without dpkg functioning properly. 
The patched version I have uploaded in debian-ports works fine without any 
side-effects whatsoeer. I'm not asking for immediate acceptance, but even a 
short mail of 'it's ok, but needs more work here and there' will do. 

I'm posting this with both hats on, Genesi and Debian (I recently rejoined 
Debian as a DD). WRT Genesi, the company has been a long time supporter of 
Debian -the recent donation of dozens of EfikaMX systems to DDs and 2x2TB SATA 
disks for storage of the debian-ports archive only strengthens that position. 
WRT Debian, I know that the port is not yet an accepted official one -heck, 
it's not even usable yet, but the patch -or something that provides the same 
functionality- is absolutely needed for the port to actually exist and evolve. 

I would really appreciate a reply.


Konstantinos Margaritis
Genesi USA, Senior Software engineer, armhf port maintainer

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