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Re: dpkg upload


On Mon, Aug 02, 2010 at 12:49:48AM +0200, Guillem Jover wrote:
> Actually, the strict dependencies introduced in should have
> been there in 1.15.8, so the fact they were missing was just a bug
> (and a helpful one, or all the architectures would have suffered the
> same fate :).
> I don't see why it cannot be built anymore, the only thing changed was
> bumping a dpkg-dev Depends on dpkg, at which point the new dpkg-dev
> (arch:all) became uninstallable because the new dpkg (arch:any) was not
> yet available, *but* those are always installed on buildds.

debhelper was not installable in a plain sid chroot.  I cannot remember why but
it even happened on the buildd, which is why I had to resort to build against

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern

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