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Re: disappearing packages, seamless renames

David Kalnischkies wrote:

> Huh? I don't get what you mean, so let me give an example:
> Package: oldPkg
> Depends: newPkg-client, newPkg-server, awk
> Package: newPkg-client
> Replaces: oldPkg
> Package: newPkg-server
> Replaces: oldPkg
> Package: awk
> Replaces: (not oldPkg)
> In this case, if oldPkg disappeared i would assume that newPkg-{client,server}
> should be marked as manual (if oldPkg was manual) as they seems to
> be the follow up packages of oldPkg. awk on the other hand seems to be
> just still a depends to be able to execute maintainerscripts successful.
> Nothing implicit

This sounds much saner than what I was imagining.  It is still a hack,
but I like it. :)

Thanks for the explanation.

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