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Debian Policy - man deb-shlibs mismatch

Hello all:

In the course of translating dpkg's manpages I've ran into the following

In deb-shlibs manpage I see:

#. type: Plain text
#: deb-shlibs.5:34
#, fuzzy
msgid "[I<tag:>] I<library> I<version> I<dependencies>"
msgstr "[I<tag:>] I<biblioteca> I<versión> I<dependencias>"

#. type: Plain text
#: deb-shlibs.5:38
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"The I<library> and I<version> fields are whitespace-delimited, but the "
"I<dependencies> field extends to the end of the line.  The I<tag> field is "
"optional and normally not needed."
msgstr ""

Since there was no indication as to what «tag» it reffered to, I consulted
the Debian Policy Manual, which states the following in 
"8.6.3 The shlibs File Format":

Each line is of the form:

     [type: ]library-name soname-version dependencies ...

[and the explanation states]

type is an optional element that indicates the type of package for which
the line is valid. The only type currently in use is udeb. The colon and
space after the type are required........

I assume it should be [type: ], yet I'll await a response. No need to CC me
as I've subscribed to the list until I finish the last and final
revision of the po file, in case any more doubts arise.

Best regards,
Omar Campagne Polaino

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