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Re: dpkg 1.15.6 is slow as hell

On Fri, 12 Mar 2010, Guillem Jover wrote:
> Right, I didn't see much degradation on ext3, or I'd probably would have
> considered doing alternative changes instead. I'll be testing on a
> slower box with ext3 to see how it behaves there though.

My main disk is SSD so I didn't notice immediately either.

> > Other possibility would be to use the loop afterwards to reopen all
> > installed files and call fsync() on them. The disadvantage of sync() is
> > obviously when unrelated disk activity happens in parallel to dpkg, it
> > will have to wait more due to this.
> Neither of those are good replacements, as the fsync() must be done before
> the rename(), as we want the guarantee that there's always a valid file in
> place in case of a crash, either the old or the new, which dpkg should be
> able to discern and roll-back if needed on reexecution.

> Doing a sync afterwards might only guarantee the package is not wrongly
> marked as properly installed if there's a system crash, but that's it.

That's what matters IMO.

> And in such case there's a high probability the files will be
> zero-length, which would be pretty bad for example Essential packages.

So let's do the fsync only for essential packages? It's a good compromise

> In addition POSIX does not guarantee sync() will wait until the writes
> have finished (only Linux seems to be doing that though).

True, not sure what other systems are doing though. 

Raphaël Hertzog

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