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Re: Recording VCS information in the source package info

Hi James,

James Westby wrote:

> We have the Vcs-* fields in debian/control now that allow you to find
> the Vcs for the package you are looking at, and this is very useful. I
> think there is room to extend this a little further using automated
> tools to record information about which revision was built as well.

I have an alternative idea: how about standardizing tag names to use
when uploading a package?

People could get the information you want by looking at the
appropriate tag in the repository pointed to by Vcs-foo.

It would not increase the size of the control file.  More importantly
to me, it would not be yet another facility for users not using
*-buildpackage to learn about and get correct; it is already a pretty
common practice to tag uploaded revisions.

The information about dirty trees would have to be put elsewhere,
though.  Maybe a magic line in debian/README.source, or if necessary,
maybe this information would need to be in control (forgive me, I
don’t know what is necessary to make data accessible to the UDD).

Do you have example use cases for this data in mind?  I think that
would be helpful for thinking about it without speculating too much.


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