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Re: Can't externally acquire lock on /var/lib/apt/lists/lock

2010/2/10 Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder@gmail.com>:
> The problem is that apt use fcntl(2) locks, not flock(2) locks.

Thanks a lot, I learned something new. This [1] is a great article regarding.

> I do not know how to use fcntl locks from a shell script.  I would
> suggest trying a scripting language like Perl or Python instead.

Yup, seems the the best way to go.

> As for your general question about offline update using APT, I
> don’t know if there’s something appropriate available already.  I
> would recommend looking at reprepro, apt-offline, and
> http://batmat.net/apt-offline/ and asking in the deity mailing list
> (to reach APT developers) or debian-user (to reach fellow users).

I'll take a look at these tools. I previously tried apt-zip and
aptoncd, but they just solve the problem of collecting debs, completly
ignoring the problem of updating the packages lists.


[1] http://www.hackinglinuxexposed.com/articles/20030616.html

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