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Re: [PATCH 5/7] Implement 'p' option for diffing dist conffiles during conflict resolution

Sean Finney wrote:
> A new option is presented to the user in the conffile resolution
> prompt, offering to show the diff between the previous dist version of
> the conffile and the new dist version of the conffile. This can be
> useful for the local admin to know what has changed in the latest
> version of the package in the case that manual conflict resolution is
> necessary.

> To remove ambiguity the string prompt for the old diff option has been
> updated as well.  The new prompt contains the following:
>       D     : show the differences from your current version
>       P     : show the differences from the previous debian version

> Suggestions are welcome for improvement to this.

If you're accepting wishlist requests, I'd very much like to also see an
option to show the difference between the previous dist version of the
conffile and 'my' current version.

(If I've rewritten the conffile from scratch, what I want to see is the
difference between the two Debian versions, so I can decide whether I
want to make equivalent changes. But if I've only made minor changes to
the conffile, I want to see what those minor changes were so I can
reapply them on top of the new Debian version.)


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