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Re: xz-utils in sid?

Guillem Jover wrote:

> I don't really feel comfortable with using stuff that has only been
> sitting in experimental, please upload it to unstable so that more
> people can start using and testing it, and other projects which might
> have support for liblzma can start also linking against the library.
> If then we decided to upload an xz-enabled dpkg to experimental,
> that's another thing, but that should not block it to getting more
> exposure.

Sounds sensible to me.

>> I sent some patches on 29 Sep (with some problems) to add xz support to
>> dpkg-deb and dpkg-source.  See Bug#542160.  They seem not to have made it
>> to the list --- maybe there’s an attachment size limit.  I’ll send a cleaned
>> up series today to look at, rebased on top of your change.
> Hmm, I didn't get them even from the BTS. :/ Will manually download the
> mbox for the bug report and review them.

Thanks.  Note that there is a large ommission in the functionality there: I
did not change the default compression level for lzma or make the memory
limit configurable, which makes what I sent pretty obnoxious to use on any
machine with less than 128 MiB of RAM installed.

I have tried to address that since then; once I get this code in a nice
patch series, I’ll send it.  Feedback on the old version is still useful,
of course.


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