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Re: Error building man pages


On Sat, 2009-09-26 at 19:04:28 +0200, Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
> during my routine check for strings to update, I encountered that the
> man pages are currently not buildable (at least on stable):
> in the autoreconf step I see:
> man/Makefile.am:3: PO4A_V_$(V: non-POSIX variable name
> man/Makefile.am:4: PO4A_V_$(AM_DEFAULT_VERBOSITY: non-POSIX variable name
> man/Makefile.am:7: PO4A_RM_V_$(V: non-POSIX variable name
> man/Makefile.am:8: PO4A_RM_V_$(AM_DEFAULT_VERBOSITY: non-POSIX variable name
> scripts/Makefile.am:143: `%'-style pattern rules are a GNU make extension
> scripts/Makefile.am:174: wildcard $(srcdir: non-POSIX variable name
> scripts/Makefile.am:174: (probably a GNU make extension)
> Makefile.am: installing `./INSTALL'
> When I then try to build the man pages (after ./configure) I get:
> helge@remaxp:/tmp/dpkg$ make -C man update-po
> make: Entering directory `/tmp/dpkg/man'
> Makefile:193: *** Rekursive Variable »PO4A_V_« referenziert sich (schließlich) selbst.  Schluss.
> make: Leaving directory `/tmp/dpkg/man'
> (Translation: Recursive variable "PO4A_V_" (finally) references itself. Done.
> Is this a know issue (on stable)?

Heh, just the other day I noticed this was going to be a problem when I
saw a similar issue reported on the xorg-devel mailing list.

Fixed it now anyway in commit bb9d87468ff4e3710c854ffaa0b09110f8fdde64.


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