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Re: Bug#545103: bash 4.0-4 is not installable

Gary Dale wrote:
> Package: bash
> Version: 3.2-6
> Severity: grave
> Justification: renders package unusable
> There is an interdependency between bash and dash that prevents bash
> from being upgraded. Here is the output when I try:
> Preparing to replace bash 3.2-6 (using
> .../archives/bash_4.0-4_amd64.deb) ...
> The bash upgrade discovered that your /bin/sh link points to dash.
> As bash for Debian is destined to provide a working /bin/sh (pointing to
> /bin/bash) your link will be overwritten by a default link.

This means that you manually changed the link somehow...

> If you don't want further upgrades to overwrite your customization,
> please
> read /usr/share/doc/bash/README.Debian.gz for a more permanent solution.

You could read the documentation to prevent it from failing.

> [Press RETURN to continue]
> Unpacking replacement bash ...
> dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/bash_4.0-4_amd64.deb
> (--unpack):
> trying to overwrite `/bin/sh', which is also in package dash
> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Matthias: I think to prevent bug reports like this that bash should stop
shipping the /bin/sh link. dpkg maintainers Cc-ed to confirm that the
current way we divert should still work when the link would not be
shipped by bash anymore and would solve issues like this.



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