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Adding instructions for updating the po files in README.translators?

I usually update the dpkg translation (into German) when I have time
and often I see that some commits changed strings but did not (yet)
update the respective po files (namely in scripts/ or man/). To work
on the most recent version I usually follow the following steps which
I received from Peter Krafting (slightly edited) some time ago:

  $ git clean -d -X -f
  $ autoreconf -f -i
  $ ./configure
  $ make -C po update-po
  $ make -C dselect/po update-po
  $ make -C scripts/po update-po
  $ make -C man update-po

The line for "po" itself does not work atm (but I'm not the translator, 
hence did not check) but the others work fine.

Would it be ok if I add that to "README.translators", of course with
some explanatory text around it, so that other translators can easily
find it and use that as well if they want?



P.S. Btw. the file README seems outdated, it still suggests using
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