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Re: Howto automate etch->lenny dist-upgrade via preseed?

On Mon, 13 Jul 2009 18:03:56 -0700
Chris Hiestand <chiestand@salk.edu> wrote:

> I have tried stfw, reading debian documentation, man pages, the debian- 
> users mailing list, irc.debian.org #debian - all to no avail. Help  
> would be greatly appreciated - even just an answer explaining that  
> what I want was ill conceived or impossible.

Wrong list - this isn't a dpkg issue, it is a pre-seeding issue which
would mean debian-boot@lists.debian.org; dpkg has no understanding of
> My goal is to automate the etch-lenny upgrade such that no manual  
> interaction is needed for generic (non-special) systems. I have gotten  
> this 95% of the way using debconf-get-selections and debconf-set- 
> selections. But there are 2 categories of questions that I have been  
> unable to pressed.

Pre-seeding relates to first-time installations and the debconf
settings need to be understood by the installer. In your case, you
already have an installed system and pre-seeding is unlikely to be
useful. If it does work, it is likely to be unreliable and could break
on future releases because the point of pre-seeding is to support
first-time installations, not upgrades.

The only real option for upgrades is to set debconf to be
non-interactive and require that every package sets it's own default.
You can learn about that from the debconf documentation. Ask on
debian-mentors for more questions on debconf.

> Category 1. Which services to restart after a library (eg libc6) is  
> upgraded. There are debconf questions for this, they are just ignored  
> when I try to set them.

Because pre-seeding is bound to the installer, not dpkg.
> Is there anyway to preseed "install_new" or "keep_current" in relation  
> to these files? Maybe I need to use the python or perl interfaces  
> instead of debconf-set-selections?

Pre-seeding these values is likely to break things, probably better to
set debconf to just "do the default, always", just as it does in the
preparation of build chroots etc.

See the pbuilder source code or information at Emdebian about debconf





Neil Williams

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