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Re: Typo in new man page

Quoting Helge Kreutzmann (debian@helgefjell.de):
> Hello,
> while updating the German man page translation I noticed the following
> typo:
> -"This setting defines the current vendor. If not set, il will discover the "
> +"This setting defines the current vendor. If not set, it will discover the "
> You can unfuzzy the German translation if you want.


Actually, I think that nobody will bother if you fix the typo yourself
and then unfuzzy translations.

FWIW, here what I did after fixing the typo in dpkg-vendor.1:

bubulle@mykerinos:~/src/debian/dpkg/git/man/po> for i in *.po *.pot ; do sed -i -e 's/il wil/it wil/g' $i ; done

bubulle@mykerinos:~/src/debian/dpkg/git/man> git add dpkg-vendor.1 po/*.po po/*.pot

Then commit and push...

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