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Re: Bug#528892: please add info-dir-section to your info files

Hi Bill,

On Sat, 16 May 2009, Bill Allombert wrote:
> Does Lenny includes this trigger ?


> Did you consider what will when a partial lenny to squeeze update is made ?

Yes. If the new texinfo/install-info is installed it will work on the 
triggers. Packages that are old will call install-info which is a wrapper
and will do nothing. If the old install-info/texinfo is installed then
the normal install-info procedure is called.

Do we miss something? Raphael?

> Well, it might be but this file is generated from the sgml source by
> debiandoc2texinfo.

umpf, that is bad.

> Well, I would need a fixed version of debiandoc2texinfo. Is there one already ?

No, I checked the source code just now, and it does not produce any
dir entries. I will file a bug against that, but that is somehow

There is an option to postprocess the .texi file and simply sed-in the
direntry, but that is not the optimal solution, definitely.

Best wishes


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