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Re: Compilation Errors: Arch Linux: v1.14

Hi Guillem

Sorry for the delay, been a bit busy lately.

That's okay; I can forgive a key developer of a major Linux distribution for being a bit busy :-).

That was actually a fix for a previous commit that switched to use
ncursesw. It was supposed to be temporary, but as it works in Debian,
there's been no hurry to fix it. I've committed a proper fix now:


Thanks for fixing the problem; I look forward to testing it in the next stable release of dpkg.

The ‘cursesw.h’ file is a different one than ‘ncursesw/curses.h’, or
‘curses.h’. So either apply the above patch or replace the include
with just ‘<curses.h>’.

I can confirm that modifying my attempted workaround to include "curses.h" allows dpkg v1.14.25 to build correctly on Arch Linux.


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