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Re: Bug#522858: tar: causes dpkg-source extract failures

clone 522858 -1
reassign -1 dpkg

On Mon, Apr  6, 2009 at 17:45:33 -0700, Daniel Schepler wrote:

> Since installing the latest version of tar, I'm getting failures in
> attempting to extract certain deb packages.  For example, with
> telepathy-glib:
> ....
> frobozz:/tmp$ dpkg-source -x telepathy-glib_0.7.29-1.dsc
> dpkg-source: extracting telepathy-glib in telepathy-glib-0.7.29
> dpkg-source: info: unpacking telepathy-glib_0.7.29.orig.tar.gz
> dpkg-source: failure: gunzip died from signal 13
> frobozz:/tmp$ ls telepathy-glib-0.7.29.orig/
> frobozz:/tmp$
Same here.  Looking at the tar changelog it's likely this is due to:

2008-11-25  Sergey Poznyakoff  <gray@gnu.org.ua>

        Do not try to drain the input pipe before closing the

tar closes its input fd, which sends SIGPIPE to gunzip, and dpkg errors
out.  I'd argue this is a bug in dpkg-source, which ought to ignore


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