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Man page for update-alternatives: Missing update / line break?

while updating the German translation, I noted a place where I think
an update was overlooked:

msgid "B<--auto> I<name>"
msgstr "B<--auto> I<Name>"

# type: Plain text
#: ../../man/update-alternatives.8:283
msgid ""
"Switch the link group behind the alternative name I<link> to automatic "
"mode.  In the process, the master symlink and its slaves are updated to "
"point to the highest priority installed alternatives."

I think this should be "name" now?

Also there seems to be missing linke breaks:
"Let B<update-alternatives> replace any real file that is installed where an "
"alternative link has to be installed.  B<--skip-auto> Skip configuration "
"prompt for alternatives which are properly configured in automatic mode. "
"This option is only relevant with B<--config> or B<--all>."



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