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Merging dpkg-cross into the dpkg source

dpkg-cross 2.4.0 is now in unstable and has had a lot of outdated
cruft removed during the Lenny freeze. I'd like to start the process of
removing dpkg-cross itself and providing all functionality via


1. Should dpkg-cross remain as a discrete executable or as
functionality of another executable in dpkg or dpkg-dev?

2. How to retain the *very* useful "default cross-building architecture"
and associated debconf support, depending on the answer to Q1.

3. Any renaming issues or other changes required in the current package?

4. Which package should take on the hierarchy of cross-configuration
conffiles in /etc/dpkg-cross/ ?

5. What needs to happen to the perl module (currently
Debian::DpkgCross) - apart from the pending removal of all legacy code
(already marked as such in the module).

I'd like to make as many of these changes as I can during the 2.4.x
series, leaving one final upload of dpkg-cross 2.5.0 in a state that
can be easily merged into dpkg.

Once there is a clear path for dpkg-cross, I'll be moving on to seeking
the migration of apt-cross into apt which is a (theoretically) harder
task as I need to convert that from perl to C++.

If there is a desire for dpkg-cross functionality to be C rather than
perl, I can cope with that - depends what we want to achieve.

Where do we start?


Neil Williams

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