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Introducing the test-build branch


as a dpkg contributor I usually run a development version of dpkg to help
discover problems before they are released but there are numerous times
where we have new stuff to be released on multiples branches (right now in
lenny and master, during normal development in master and stable) and
what we should test is a version that merges everything relevant: it
does exist now and is called “test-build”. It will at least avoid that each
contributor has to redo those merges regularly on a private branch.
(We don't care if the history of the test-build branch is ugly with many

Anyone that wants to help us by using a git version of dpkg should thus
run this version. It would be nice to have an APT repository with
a version auto-built from this branch… but I don't plan to work on this.
If anyone wants to step up to put this in place, that would be cool but
otherwise I hope that http://wiki.debian.org/svnbuildstat can fill the gap

Raphaël Hertzog

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