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How to correct lack of upgrade support in already release packages?

Hi friends,

I am new to the Debian OS and its packaging methodologies. Under severe pressure from my boss, I had to hack up a Debian package for my company's product and I did alright in writing a postinst, prerm and postrm scripts to do the job for me (for a first-time install, I mean).

But with a new release coming in a few days, I am expected to come up with support for upgrading the released version to the current version. When I read the policy manual, to my horror I found out that I didn't know the intricacies of how the maintainer scripts are called, the order in which they are called, their arguments, et al and so, the released package's maintainer scripts have no capability to handle upgrades.

What do I do now? Any way out for me out of this problem? Any help will be most appreciated gratefully. I need to add upgrade capability for my product on Debian. Please help.

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