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Re: Translation upload?


On Sat, 2008-08-02 at 10:05:09 +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Do you guys think that the lenny branch can trigger a translation
> upload ?

Yes, just a normal upload, but there's few things to fix first. There's
some regressions introduced by the triggers code, and some other minor

> There are many pending l10n updates to various parts of dpkg that are
> lying there....
> Unfortunately, there are *also* other changes which could make the
> release team reluctant to accept a new version for lenny.

All those changes should have been pre-approved by the release team
already, or are things that should really get in, but there's always
the possibility to revert if needed.

> What do you guys think of this?
> If we go for a last l10n upload, I suggest we give translators a very
> final chance to get more work included/updated. At least Catalan..:-)

I was thinking on an upload for late this week or next one. I'll be
handling the remaning fixes and then post an announcment. We don't have
to rush for any missing translations, there's still time to do more


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