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Re: Bug#481585: merging changes files with different formats


On Sat, May 17, 2008 09:41, martin f krafft wrote:
> I just got this error:
> Error: Changes files have different Format fields:
> puppet_0.24.4-6~bpo40~madduck+1_source.changes:Format: 1.8
> puppet_0.24.4-6~bpo40~madduck+1_amd64.changes.binonly:Format: 1.7
> and I wonder why mergechanges refuses to do the work. Is there
> actually a reason why it shouldn't just take the newer format and
> merge, adding fields only the older format defines? I realise this
> sounds like a bad idea, but I do genuinly wonder why it wouldn't
> work... mind you, I don't have much experience with the different
> changes file formats...

It wasn't an arbitrary decision - when I discussed this with Raphael
Hertzog on IRC before making the changes, he advised that mergechanges
should only attempt to merge changes with the same format; I've added the
dpkg list to CC for further input.



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