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Accepted dpkg 1.14.19 (source i386 all)

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 08:33:07 +0300
Source: dpkg
Binary: dpkg dpkg-dev dselect
Architecture: source i386 all
Version: 1.14.19
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Dpkg Developers <debian-dpkg@lists.debian.org>
Changed-By: Guillem Jover <guillem@debian.org>
 dpkg       - package maintenance system for Debian
 dpkg-dev   - package building tools for Debian
 dselect    - user tool to manage Debian packages
Closes: 452273 473041 474339 475668 476113 477784 478802 478827 478897 478925 479007 479142 479205 479850 480579
 dpkg (1.14.19) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Guillem Jover ]
   * Fix a double-free by setting scontext to NULL after calling freecon.
     Based on a patch by Russell Coker. Closes: #474339
   * Add missing import of internerr in Dpkg::Source::Patch.pm.
     Thanks to Marco d'Itri. Closes: #479205
   * Consider also custom Package-Type fields when printing warnings in
     dpkg-gencontrol. Closes: #452273
   [ Raphael Hertzog ]
   * Add missing import of subprocerr in Dpkg::Source::Package. Thanks to Sven
     Joachim for the patch.
   * Handle symlinks better when deciding if dpkg-source has to copy the
     original tarball in the current extraction directory. Closes: #475668
   * Fix the dpkg-source error message about unrepresentable changes to
     source because the type of a file changed (new and old were inverted).
   * Fix dpkg-genchanges to detect udeb based on Package-Type control
     header instead of file extension analysis on uploaded files.
     Closes: #476113
   * Fix dpkg-source to grant correct permissions to tarballs of native
     source packages. Closes: #477784
   * Add Conflicts: devscripts (<< 2.10.26) to ensure that people are
     using versions of debsign/mergechanges that support the Checksums fields
     in *.dsc and *.changes.
   * Cleanup the various Conflicts/Replaces fields to remove references
     to package that have disappeared before sarge (this includes dpkg-doc-ja,
     dpkgname, and dpkg-static which has never officially been built).
     dpkg-iasearch has been kept as popcon still reports a few installations.
   * Collapsed multiple conflicts of dpkg with old versions of dpkg-dev
     in a single Conflicts: dpkg-dev (<< 1.14.16).
   * The "3.0 (quilt)" source package format now parses correctly series files
     with patch options and warn if something else than -p1 is used.
   * Change the way dpkg-source finds the perl object to use to unpack/build
     a source package to ignore the minor part of the Format: version.
     For example "1.0" and "1.1" would both map to Dpkg::Source::Package::V1
     instead of ::V1_0 and ::V1_1 before. Similarly "3.0 (quilt)" now maps to
     ::V3::quilt instead of ::V3_0::quilt.
   * Fix changelog parser to not fail when an unexpected changelog entry
     appears without the preceding heading line. Closes: #478925
   * Change the "2.0" and "3.0 (quilt)" source packages to refuse by default
     binary files in the debian sub-directory. They have to be whitelisted
     through debian/source/include-binaries. Closes: #473041
   * Make sure triggers are activated when a file is removed in a directory
     shared by multiple packages. Closes: #479850
   [ Helge Kreutzmann ]
   * Minor fixes and clarifications to man pages.
   [ Updated dpkg translations ]
   * Brazilian Portuguese (Felipe Augusto van de Wiel). Closes: #480579
   * Czech (Miroslav Kure).
   * French (Florent Ussel).
   * Galician (Jacobo Tarrio).
   * German (Sven Joachim).
   * Polish (Wiktor Wandachowicz).
   * Portuguese (Miguel Figueiredo).
   * Russian (Yuri Kozlov). Closes: #478827
   * Slovak (Ivan Masár). Closes: #478897
   * Swedish (Peter Karlsson).
   [ Updated manpages translations ]
   * German (Helge Kreutzmann).
   * Polish (Wiktor Wandachowicz).
   * Swedish (Peter Karlsson).
   [ Updated scripts translations ]
   * German (Helge Kreutzmann).
   * Polish (Wiktor Wandachowicz).
   * Russian (Yuri Kozlov). Closes: #479142
   * Swedish (Peter Karlsson).
   [ Updated dselect translations ]
   * Brazilian Portuguese (Felipe Augusto van de Wiel).
   * Czech (Miroslav Kure).
   * French (Christian Perrier).
   * German (Sven Joachim).
   * Russian (Yuri Kozlov). Closes: #478802
   * Slovak (Ivan Masár). Closes: #479007
 98622a4b15887f6a80e2367789f426154711f94a 1207 dpkg_1.14.19.dsc
 982f60e68e3016c76a2e26405abfd80c2c40c829 6598898 dpkg_1.14.19.tar.gz
 fee1da8bc8657baa3cd16ccd4d74e53f3375c48c 2216054 dpkg_1.14.19_i386.deb
 3b3b56cc3028901a71994800feec10dda577085d 774338 dselect_1.14.19_i386.deb
 9dcfd25c690bc928de20232bed409ba5d556ab04 706246 dpkg-dev_1.14.19_all.deb
 b6ea11172343b4e3e1bc823f628106dae92c31046c0113f24d72cf1507ad49f8 1207 dpkg_1.14.19.dsc
 5287e943265b9efe5bd59cd1f3145d3fbf9e266df28938ad78e2107fde3c1587 6598898 dpkg_1.14.19.tar.gz
 b4faa1793b747264da25cc011dcb319de6a3986cb085f9bb588a3b1e889164ae 2216054 dpkg_1.14.19_i386.deb
 405849342ef85815ccc6a4f6e14ea3de37b09c22cd1c3480584fef7b97a2a46d 774338 dselect_1.14.19_i386.deb
 ccb892904256ada4c4a78fa9f25f2c80014fcf2be674b963fb6a57fb0434d017 706246 dpkg-dev_1.14.19_all.deb
 079897303db25fbb015ecc55abeca922 1207 admin required dpkg_1.14.19.dsc
 dad1a4a08c475b31a6b62e7dc92fe9d2 6598898 admin required dpkg_1.14.19.tar.gz
 8264bdec62f49f9130db29dd1547f1a8 2216054 admin required dpkg_1.14.19_i386.deb
 50d311a45dc447dd02495fd1872d4448 774338 admin optional dselect_1.14.19_i386.deb
 b4bff0808f76743f8b3b9bd3697520d3 706246 utils optional dpkg-dev_1.14.19_all.deb

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