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sourcev3 branch - quilt based source package


I pushed the last (functional) changes that I wanted to have in the
sourcev3 branch: a module handling a format named "3.0 (quilt)" which
is wig&pen based. I made the choice to directly use quilt if available
so that after extraction, one can continue to use quilt without finding a
way to recreate the ".pc" directory. Also the source generation is smart
enough to ignore this directory.

I would like some people to try running the code in that branch and report
problems/suggestions. I built the package for your convenience:

Using a new source format can be done either by adding a "Format: 3.0
(quilt/git/native)" field to debian/control (in the source stanza) or
adding a parameter to dpkg-source like:
dpkg-source "--format=3.0 (quilt)" -b package-X.Y/

We're approaching a state where it could be merged. What's left is:
- update entirely the dpkg-source manual page
- add non-regression tests on (some of) the modules created
- copy upstream tarballs in the extraction directory for
  all formats (and take it the relevant part out of the Format: 1.0 code).

My personal wish is that the new format "3.0 (quilt)" becomes the default
build format in lenny+1 (as soon as ftp-master accept it).

We also have a bunch of wishlist bugs against dpkg-source and I wonder
which are important enough to warrant changes and/or addition of new
features in the "3.0 (quilt)" format. Your comments are welcome... please
put in CC the relevant bugs.

Right now, all patched files are modified to have the same timestamp and
the generated patches do not contain timestamps. This bug request the
inclusion of timestamp in patches files and that the timestamp be
respected at unpack time. Given everything I've read in the BTS, I'm not
sure it's a good idea.

Support addition of binary files. Now that the debian directory
is stored in a separate tarball, it's possible to add binary files
in the debian directory but it's not possible to add them directly in some
upstream directory, they have to be moved in place at build time if
needed. Is that enough to consider this bug solved?

Allow removal of files with patches. I think I'm going to implement this
one. It simply requires adding -E to the patch call and quilt already
use -E by default. However I won't change the fact that a removed file
is ignored during generation of a patch (at least by default, maybe I'll
add an option to change this behaviour).

Ignore by default all VCS specific directories in native tarballs.

There are
Raphaël Hertzog

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