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Re: dpkg with triggers support (again)

On Wed March 12 2008 02:21:24 Pierre Habouzit wrote:
>   Code has been refactored in a generic module to deal with usages and
> so on. The functions aren't static anymore, because they *do* have a
> proper prototype in lib/myopt.h. I welcome such changes fwiw, because
> they _do_ make the code smaller and less repetitive, hence easier to
> maintain.

Making code smaller and less repetitive is certainly a positive, all
other things being equal.  But all other things are not equal.  Useful  
functionality has been delayed for half a year - functionality which is
valuable for dependency-based startup and texlive and debhelper.

The commit you welcome involved a lot of code churn for very little
benefit.  It makes it harder to merge the long-delayed functionality,
and it was committed when Guillem knew that many people are waiting for
triggers to be merged.  Is this really the time to be engaged in changing
indents and renaming unused parameters?

Since Guillem insists on merging triggers himself instead of letting Ian
do it then Guillem needs to get on with the task instead of time-wasting.
AFTER the long-delayed features have been merged and any remaining patches
have been picked up from the BTS would be an appropriate time to think
about refactorings.

--Mike Bird

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