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Re: merging configuration files on update, timeline?

Hi Ian and Guillem,
* Ian Jackson <ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk> [2008-03-10 21:24]:
> Nico Golde writes ("merging configuration files on update, timeline?"):
> > I just saw Ian's mail announcing the triggers support in 
> > dpkg[0] which I think is a very nice feature I am wondering 
> > if there are any plans to have the possibility to merge 
> > configuration files on package updates in lenny?
> Sean Finney has been looking into this.  I'm not sure we've got a
> settled design yet but if we can get one quickly it would be nice to
> have in lenny.

Thanks for the information, sounds good! And sorry for maybe 
having a bad timing with this question.

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