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Dependency based boot sequencing and triggers (Was: dpkg semi-hijack - an announcement (also, triggers))

[Mike Bird]
> I hope I'm not mis-stating Frans's position when I say that Frans
> believes dpkg triggers are the best way to install dependency-based
> initscripts[0].

I believe your understanding of Frans' position is fairly correct, but
it differ from mine, and I am the one behind the dependency boot
sequencing proposal.  I am not convinced yet that triggers are needed,
nor wanted, for dependency boot sequencing.  This is partly because I
believe the failure modes Frans mention in his post are unlikely to
happen (or impossible, but it is harder to prove).

So those of you wanting to test dependency based boot sequencing do
not have to wait for triggers for it to work properly.  80% of the
packages got the dependency headers already, and those already using
it report that it work quite well. :)

More information on the feature is available from

> Otherwise the installer unnecessarily and repetitively globally
> recalculates initscript dependencies for each package installed.

Actually, it happens every time a init.d script is added to the boot
and shutdown sequence, and I believe it have to do that, to make sure
each script insertion fail individually when a script with incorrect
dependency information is encountered.

I will have to learn more about triggers before I make up my mind,

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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