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Re: dpkg semi-hijack - an announcement (also, triggers)

William Pitcock a écrit :
> Hi,
> On Sun, 2008-03-09 at 13:19 -0800, Mike Bird wrote:
>> including the triggers enhancement which is
>> needed for boot time improvements and which should simplify some other
>> packaging issues.
> I think you mean package install-time improvements, due to postponing
> ldconfig until the end of the installation. However, I am not sure how
> useful this is because many maintainer scripts not generated by
> debhelper call ldconfig locally.

There is no need to delay calls to ldconfig anymore. Upstream has added
a secondary cache system in glibc 2.7, which make calls to ldconfig very
cheap when no changes to the libraries have been done.

Moreover as explained in the bug report, there are some concerns in
delaying all calls to ldconfig, as they may cause some problems for
libraries that are not in the standard search path, but defined in

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