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Re: dpkg semi-hijack - an announcement (also, triggers)

Ian Jackson wrote:
[4] Why not ask the Technical Committee to rule ?

The TC has not shown great dynamism in recent months.  I have tried
quite hard as a TC member to get various questions that were put to
the TC decided, and the results have not been encouraging.

In any case, asking the TC about this at this stage would probably
take at least a month or more.  This would make it that much harder
for other packages' maintainers to make good use of triggers in lenny.
It would also allow Guillem to continue making his undesirable
wholesale edits in the meantime.

Finally, of course, I am on the Technical Committee.  For me to appeal
this dispute to it in this way would seem too much like me using it as
a personal bludgeon.
If you don't recognize the authority or the necessity of the Technical Committee on such matters but instead decide take matters into your own hands, I'd expect from you to resign from the comittee.

I can't understand how a Debian Developer, let alone a Technical Comittee member, can find it acceptable to hijack a package actively maintained because of technical disagreements with its maintainer.
Especially if that package is a core package such as dpkg.

You're hurting the credibility of the comittee and of the whole project.
That's much more important than a disagreement on a technical matter.


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