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Re: RFC: new approach to handling conffiles


sean finney wrote:
> On Tuesday 04 March 2008 10:15:18 pm Ian Jackson wrote:
> > > so, this past weekend i had a couple of 12-hour train rides and thus
> > > some time to kill, and threw together a proof of concept for your
> > > perusal.  basically, every package has a subdirectory
> > > <admindir>/conffiles/<pkg><ext> (where <ext> is one of
> > > "","_dpkg-new","_dpkg-old"), under which its conffiles are stored.
> > > currently the subdirectory contains nested subdirectories reflecting
> > > the on-disk location of the real-file
> > > (i.e. <conffdbdir>/<pkg>/etc/foo.cfg), but other approaches are also
> > > possible such as using <conffdbdir>/<pkg>/<cksum>, where <cksum> is
> > > the md5sum of the on-disk location (/etc/foo.cfg).
> >
> > I'm not wholly convinced that this deep directory structure is ideal.
> > Deep directory structures are slow, cumbersome to program to
> > manipulate, and prone to corner case problems.
> i'm not wholly convinced either.  but since i didn't want to dirty my
> hands with some mundane minutiae, as well as overly complicate the
> initial proof of concept, i went with this approach for starters.  funny
> enough i'd say the "mkdir -p" code is still probably the most
> complicated part of the implementation.

Please do not use a md5sum. Having the original conf file installed
as reference is usefull for the admin too and making the path a md5sum
just makes it harder too find. Having the full path is interesting for
other reasons, because it makes this upstream-etc directory similar to
real one which is usefull for comparison.


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