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Re: git bikeshedding (Re: triggers in dpkg, and dpkg maintenance)

On Wed March 5 2008 14:52:04 Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> On Wed, 05 Mar 2008, Mike Bird wrote:
> > Please post the URL for this policy.  I apologize if you've already
> > posted and I missed it, but Google couldn't find it for me.
> http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Dpkg/GitUsage

Hi Raphael,

I had already seen that policy.  The portions that apply to Ian
are in fact recommendations rather than mandates.

Even if misconstrued as mandates, that policy says that Ian can
rebase as many times as he wants (zero?) and then merge.  You're
arguing that Ian has to rebase as many times as you want (one?).

Where's the dpkg team policy that says Ian has to rebase?  Thanks!

Guillam last summer said that 24 hours to review a change might
not be enough, and left us with the impression that 2 days or
maybe a week would suffice.  It was an opinion but not a policy.

I have not found any policy that says Guillam should have six or
more months to block a change.  Particularly where the blocked
change has been working without significant problems in Ubuntu
for months.

Where is the policy that says Guillam can block a change for six
months?  Thanks!

> Now I would appreciate if you could stop spreading lies and
> aggressive remarks in this thread.

As of this writing it seems that it is in fact you that has
mis-stated dpkg policy.  Specifically: the policy to which you
have posted a link does not state what you have claimed dpkg
policy to be.  Hopefully you are not a liar and that was only a
mistake and you will now post a link which supports your claim.

If not, please retract your mistaken claims concerning dpkg
team policy and permit Ian to get on with improving Debian.

> Find something useful to contribute to Debian.

Debunking the nonsense which has prevented Ian from improving
Debian is a positive contribution.  For an example of a
negative contribution, consider the insecure programmers who
have blocked Ian's excellent work for approximately six months.

--Mike Bird

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