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Re: [PATCH] =?utf-8?q?conffile=20handling=20"proof=20of=20concept".=20=20every=20package=20has=20a=20"conffiles

argh, apparently i need to figure out some foo with git 
format-patch/send-email to get the commit logs right.  here was the full 
comment on this commit:

    conffile handling "proof of concept".  every package has a "conffiles
    database" under /var/lib/dpkg/conffiles, which contains the conffiles
    themselves.  such an implementation could open the door to some neat
    features in the future, including:
     - 3-way merging of conffile changes
     - showing the old->new delta for the "dist" conffiles
     - dynamic registering of conffiles (à la ucf)
     - a general dpkg/conffile cmdline interface for all of this

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