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Re: dpkg development cycle

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Thus I'm wondering if we shouldn't follow the linux development model.
> Have a cycle of say one month, merge stuff aggressively during 10 days,
> make an upload to experimental and run the new dpkg on our own computers
> during 20 days more and then upload to unstable (once bugs have been
> ironed out).

After some discussion on -release, I would like to see this implemented.
Dpkg is a rather important bit of software in Debian, and having any
problems reach testing would be a bad thing(tm)[0].

Thus, extensive testing should occur before uploads. I strongly
reccomend the use of experimental rather than unstable for this :)

[0] For example, it would break security buildds.
* Maulkin cries
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	/chroots/sarge/home is NOT-A-GOOD-THING(tm)

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