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Re: [PATCH] add dpkg-conffile, based upon http://wiki.debian.org/DpkgConffileHandling

Joey Hess wrote:
Michael Biebl wrote:
Hm, when you rename the conffile to *.dpkg-bak in pre-inst, dpkg does no longer track the conffile (as the original conffile does no longer exist). So how do you think, dpkg should handle that?

dpkg does continue to remember that there was an obsolete conffile, even
after the conffile moved, until the package is purged.

Interesting. When I rename an obsolete, modified conffile in preinst to .dpkg-bak, I can't find a reference anymore in /var/lib/dpkg/status or /var/lib/dpkg/info/$pkg.*

Where does dpkg store the information about conffile then?


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