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Re: [PATCH] add dpkg-conffile, based upon http://wiki.debian.org/DpkgConffileHandling

Joey Hess wrote:
As discussed on debian-devel, different versions of these conffile handling
shell functions on the wiki are being copied into maintainer scripts
repeatedly, and adding a program to dpkg that handles things is a more
maintainable approach.

It was discussed briefly on debian-devel, but there is also the case that the backup files should be cleaned up on purge.

What about something like

# Purge backup conffile
    if [ -e "$CONFFILE".dpkg-bak ]; then
        echo "Purging backup of conffile $CONFFILE"
        rm -f "$CONFFILE".dpkg-bak

and in postrm

case "$1" in
	dpkg-conffile rm_backup /etc/pkg.conf

(Scott will know this code, we already use something like that in the upstart package)


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