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Re: ChangeLog handling and git wrapper for translators

Raphael Hertzog writes ("Re: ChangeLog handling and git wrapper for translators"):
> On Tue, 18 Dec 2007, Ian Jackson wrote:
> >  * When we want complete and accurate commit history, use git log.
> For us, it's good enough. But generating a ChangeLog file doesn't cost us
> much and it can be useful to anyone doing "apt-get source dpkg".

Well, I don't mind if it's autogenerated.

> >  * Ensure that debian/changelog contains human-readable and redacted
> >    information.  For simple changes `debcommit' does the right thing.
> >    For more complex changes, perhaps ones which consist of several
> >    commits, the debian/changelog can be written with coherent
> >    information by hand.
> I don't always put in debian/changelog an entry for changes which do not
> impact directly what the users will experience (think simple code
> refactoring).

That's not too far from my approach.  But I think it would be best to
at least mention it, because debian/changelog is the first place to go
looking for changes if something has stopped working.  So just a
    * Refactoring of the frobnication arrangements
or if there is a lot of that kind of thing done
    * Substantial internal refactoring, not intended to change behaviour

> In fact, I quite like to write the debian/changelog entry by explaining
> the user-side of the change, while the commit message is longer and
> explains the developer side of the change.

That's close to what I'm suggesting.


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