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[RFC] Enhance checksum support

This patch series first refactors the checksum code into an own module
Dpkg::Checksums. It then adds support for sha1 and sha256 in addition
to md5sum. So far no real changes.

The interesting parts for comments is the addition of the --checksum
options to dpkg-genchanges and dpkg-source.

dpkg-genchanges is easy insofar that not many programs actually need
to read .changes files (dak, dput, and dupload come to mind). So we
mostly just can increase the format number and let other people worry
about whether they want support that new feature.

dpkg-source is of course more complicated. Also since the door for
changing v2.0 is already closed we will need to label the next incompatible
changes to the source format v3.0 (dpkg-source only checks the major number).
So we might need to begin collecting proposals for that (so far there is
only joeyh's vcs support code AFAIR).

One idea I would welcome ideas on is whether it might be a good idea to
allow more than one checksum per file (which my current code doesn't support)?

	Frank Lichtenheld

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