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Review of controllib-removal branch requested


I just finished the necessary work to get rid off controllib.pl. I pushed
it in a new branch controllib-removal:

This branch also includes the parsechangelog branch of djpig and does one
more change on top of it by adding a parse_changelog function to
Dpkg::Changelog which was needed to replace controllib.pl's parsechangelog. 

I welcome some review on the changes (it amounts to 35 changesets of which
half comes from djpig's parsechangelog branch).

My plan is to merge this branch this week-end/early next week so that
we'll run this code long enough to catch potential problems before the
next upload. I'm running this version already here but a few more
users/testers would be good.

BTW, while we're doing important changes that need testing, it might 
also be a good idea to merge the work of Ian Jackson on triggers. And then
maybe we can have an intermediary experimental upload.

Raphaël Hertzog

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