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Re: Removing he.po files in dpkg's git repo

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Hello Lior,
> do you mind if I remove the dselect/po/he.po & po/he.po file from dpkg's git
> repository?

Go ahead and remove them.

> The hebrew translation has been disabled for 2 years already, the files
> are mostly empty (around 4 strings only in each file) and it doesn't look
> like it's going to be re-enabled soon.

The reason I don't invest time with finishing these files (and the the
reason they got disabled) is the lake of RTL support in the console,
which means the text appears backwards and aligned to the left.

> I ask because files in the git repo that are not distributed in the
> official tarball (like those two since the translation is disabled) are
> generating warnings/errors during tarball creation (this check has been
> added on purpose to avoid forgetting to distribute some files).

Lior Kaplan

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