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Re: Can anybody *please* fix #220044 - broken slave files (link)

Manuel Prinz writes ("Re: Can anybody *please* fix #220044 - broken slave files (link)"):
> I spent some time on trying to fix it myself but failed because I lacked
> of time to dive into u-a. I'd like to do some documentation or even
> several changes to make the u-a code more readable, if this work is
> appreciated.

If you "lacked time" to fix it, why do you think it acceptable to
berate the maintainers for their lack of time ?

If there were a well-tested and sensible fix, with a clear explanation
of what the bug was and how the patch corrects it, which hadn't been
merged, then you might well wonder whether the maintainers were
properly performing their most critical and un-delegateable role,
which is to be gatekeeper.  But that's not the case here.

(I took a look at this myself in a spare moment a month or two ago and
decided I also "lacked time" - which is just a way of saying that I
felt other things I could spend my time on were more important.)

It is very rude to email bug reports to rant about how terrible it is
that your bug hasn't been investigated.


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