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Re: [PATCH] New Dpkg::Deps module to replace parsedep() and showdep()

On Wed, 17 Oct 2007, Frank Lichtenheld wrote:
> A short review turned up no obious flaws. I have no objections against
> merging it into master for inclusion in the next release.


> Some notes:
>  - Should the parsing algorithm enforce the negated arch syntax, i.e.
>    that either none or all architectures need to be negated?

I have no opinion here. There are many other stuff that could be more
thoroughly checked/enforced as well. For example using arch restriction
list on Arch: all packages (or even on dependencies in general, it's
officially restricted to Build-Dependencies currently but I believe it
works well on Arch: any package, i.e. they are expanded as required
depending on the architecture).

I don't see the point to add it immediately in any case. The current parser
didn't enforce it either.

>  - Lack of attribution: I know the lintian code contains no
>    attributions, which doesn't neccessarily mean that this is a good
>    idea. You probably should add at least your name and the complete
>    attribution from lintian's debian/copyright since that should be
>    at least a superset of the correct one.


>  - for future patch sendings to the list I would prefer using a method
>    like on LKML, etc. I.e. sending each patch as a single mail. This
>    makes reviews piece-by-piece waay more pleasant. The git-send-email
>    tool can help with doing such mass-sendings.

Fine, I hesitated and since I didn't want to annoy people with too many
mails I choosed this approach.

> > I think that adding some POD documentation to the module would help. Feel

I just added POD documentation in my branch.

> For consistency they probably should use a internerr none-the-less.


> And generally I would rather err on the side of too much strings marked
> for translation and let the translators decide whether they are worth
> translating.

IMO, most translators do not even consider the possibility to not
translate a string... and they always target 100% of translation.

Raphaël Hertzog

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