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Re: [PATCH] proposed v3 source format using .git.tar.gz


        OK, commenting on this with my "I use arch" hat on. If I
 understand correctly, we are proposing shipping a working directory in
 the .deb; and not shipping an orig.tar.gz nor a diff.gz file. I like
 the idea; and I think I can support nested arch packages (submodules in
 .git speak), based on the examples I have seen of joey's patch and
 Colin's for bzr -- I just need some more information about what exactly
 some of these git commands do.

sub prep_tar:
  make sure we have an ./{arch} directory.
  Look for nested submodules:
   $tree_root=$($TLA tree-root);
   @nested=`$TLA inventory -t --nested "$tree_root"`;
** Why are we checking for uncommitted files here? I would think that
   people would have done an export to actually build packages **

   for each tree_root and nested; do
     run $TLA CHANGES
     map { $list{${NESTED_PATH}/$_} => 1; } join ",", `$TLA inventory -s`
   For all files in exclude list, go and set values in %list to 0 (or
   delete the key)
** I have no idea what the prune and shallow copy commands do, or the
   arch equivalent **

sub post_unpack_tar
  make sure we have an ./{arch} directory.Look for nested submodules:
   $tree_root=$($TLA tree-root);
   @nested=`$TLA inventory -t --nested "$tree_root"`;
** arch hooks are per user, not per repo -- iirc **
** what does git-config do? or bzr checkout? **

        Actually, at this point I am beginning to question my
 understanding of the proposal.  If we are shipping a working tree, what
 is this step doing?

        Is this an svn update equivalent?

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