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Re: [PATCH] proposed v3 source format using .git.tar.gz

On Sat, Oct 06, 2007 at 10:37:48PM +0000, Colin Watson wrote:
> The second possibility seems to me to be more flexible, though, and
> probably not all that hard to implement: build both a .tar.gz
> (containing the working tree) and a .$VCS.tar.gz, and teach 'dpkg-source
> -x' to unpack the tree given at least one of these. This would allow
> various interesting possibilities such as:

Would this be better in any way than having a web interface that provides
an autogenerated version-1 source package? Presume it's a url like:


>   * Buildds could just fetch the .tar.gz; they have no need of the VCS
>     data. Users who just want to inspect the current version of the
>     source and not change it might want to do this too, using (say)
>     'apt-get source --no-vcs package'.

dget -x http://v1source.qa.debian.org/i/ifupdown/ifupdown_0.6.8.dsc

>   * Developers on slow connections could say 'apt-get source --vcs-only
>     package' to fetch just the .$VCS.tar.gz, with the documented caveat
>     that it would be just like checking the source out of a VCS in that
>     you might have to recreate some autogenerated files.

That happens automatically.

>   * Space-constrained mirrors could conceivably exclude the VCS data if
>     they had to, though we probably wouldn't encourage this.

Mirrors wouldn't mirror the autogenerated stuff, so not an issue.

>   * Derivative distributions who are slow to upgrade their dpkg-source
>     could still interoperate to some degree.

They'd need to pull sources from the autogenerated url; though they'd
still probably have Build-Depends: issues if they're not updating
packages generally.

>   * Tools like mc, vim's tar plugin, or
>     http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/ftp.debian.org/debian/ could
>     still be used straightforwardly and without modifications to look
>     inside source packages on mirrors.

Again, you'd have to go to the autogenerating url rather than a mirror.


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